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I'm Chanda and I’m proof that absolutely anyone can scale a business they love while on the sidelines!

As a sports mom of three, my life is camp chaos and yet I've built businesses from the ground up to massive success at warp speed.

Most recently I scaled a new brand to record-breaking production while going through one of the toughest seasons personally.

Naturally, I started observing how I approach business differently than most women. What I noticed is I approach every aspect like an athlete.

I observed key factors in my success game plan:

1. CEO Mindset

2. Irresistible Offers

3. Attraction Marketing

4. Simple Scaling Systems

5. Brand Deals

These winning 5 plays in my game plan not only helped me succeed but do if FAST!!!

Why launch a biz quickly? Because as a sports mom you know the expenses pile up on us. The time we devote to driving everywhere and all the brain power it takes to be a sports mom is A LOT and you need breathing room ASAP.

Running a business that you love, that gives you flexibility and financial breathing room is a blessing and I am passionate about coaching women like you HOW!

I'm so glad you're here, I already consider you part of my squad!

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