How To Sell $1,000 Fast Without Social Media

Every single student I coach from stuck-profit fast tells me they wish they could stop stressing over social media! Is that you too? Tired of spinning your wheels on reels without converting into sales? 

It’s exhausting and quite frankly MOST small biz owners don’t have the skillset or time to implement what it takes to grow a social audience organically these days. 

Plus often times as businesswomen we need a WIN and getting sucked into social media defeat 24/7 depletes our overall confidence. 

This was me two years ago helping launch a clothing brand. Zero time or chill to figure it out, I just wanted to launch well and make it profitable. I Didn't set out to make quick cash but ultimately that’s what happened as a byproduct of utilizing what’s now my 1k event framework!!

GAH, I’m so excited for you to read on, because I’m about to share my secret to inserting a quick $1,000 into your biz without mentioning a word on social. 

Not only did I launch well, but this 1k event framework propelled me to the number one clothing line rep in the nation and has since helped countless others launch or relaunch to profitable results!! 

So what is the framework? It’s how to hold an in-person pop-up event within two weeks of your launch, a soft opening if you will. 


Here’s why this works:


You will find that asking your warm market to help support you at this event is not only strategic but also necessary in helping you build confidence or rebuild it! 


This is simple, you need sales and you need it fast! There is not more effective way to boost your biz and create momentum than gathering people around your brand and asking them to help support you in this way!


When it was all said and done and I looked back on that first 30 days of launching I didn’t just insert quick 1k into my biz, I had netted 5k! This wouldn’t have happened unless I went ALL gas no brakes despite my perfectionist tendencies. I decided to hit the mute button on those old patterns of thinking so I could go for it! This framework is a fast and furious approach that supports overcoming!!! 

Want to give this 1k event framework a try?

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